How long will it take an Avenue Response Team vehicle to respond?

Given the number of variables at play, we believe that it would be irresponsible to offer a specific guarantee. Our average reaction time is between three to five minutes. At Avenue Response Team, we are constantly aiming to improve our reaction times.
The South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA), of which Avenue Response Team is a corporate member, regards a reaction time of up to 15 minutes as acceptable.

How will the response officer gain access to my property?

Avenue Response Team has a key policy whereby all clients provide us with the necessary remotes, tags or keys that will allow easy access to the perimeter of the premises in the event of an emergency.

Will the Response Officer escort me into my property if I feel unsafe?

Yes. All our clients enjoy the benefits of our armed escort service. There is no extra charge for this service; however, alarm activations will take priority in any situation.

How do the Avenue Response Officers patrol?

All Response Officers are monitored through a vehicle tracking system that is supervised by an operations team. This allows us to monitor the movements of our vehicles to ensure efficient patrolling.

How do I test my alarm?

You can test your alarm by triggering your alarm in any way. We encourage our clients to notify our 24-hour control center before testing their alarm.

What is Avenue Response Team’s procedure when my alarm is triggered?

In the event of any alarm activation, your dedicated armed response vehicle will be immediately dispatched to your premises. The Control Room Operator will attempt to contact your preferred list of contacts.

Should Avenue Response Team be unable to make contact, a response officer would have already been on route for investigation.