24-Hr Monitoring

Our SAIDSA approved control room monitors all of our clients alarm systems 24/7.

24-Hr Patrols

Our response officers perform constant patrols within the area. These patrols are supervised through the use of a live tracking system that is installed within all of our vehicles.

Home Watch

This exclusive priority service provides you with peace of mind while you are away. Your home is added to a priority-place list whereby Avenue Response Team can perform regular checks such as additional patrols to ensure your home’s safety during your absence.

Technical Support

Our in-house technical division is there to assist you with alarm installations, CCTV – Video Surveillance, as well as maintenance and servicing.

24-Hr Armed Response

Being an area-bound security company, our vehicles are on patrol within your area at all times.

Courtesy Escorts

Should you feel vulnerable or unsafe when returning home, feel free to contact our control centre to organize the dispatch of an armed response officer who will meet and escort you safely into your home.

Flat Watch

Focused on apartment blocks only; this service provides frequent checks and patrolling at your building at irregular times. This has proven to be a deterrent to potential intruders and creates a constant security presence allowing homeowners to feel safe and secure.